"For the last six years, I've had the honor and great responsibility of serving the people of Virginia Beach as a member of the Virginia Beach School Board. I'm running for re-election to continue that service and continue the work to ensure that every student in every school in Virginia Beach has the best opportunity to succeed academically and in life."

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Second Generation Graduate of Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Both Joel and his mother graduated from Bayside High School here in Virginia Beach. Joel graduated in 2003, with honors and recognition for his achievements in career and technical education, advanced mathematics and technology.


Six Years of Experience Working in Virginia Beach City Public Schools

From 2006 to 2012, Joel was the data support specialist and school improvement coordinator at Luxford Elementary School where he was recognized by the superintendent for his effectiveness and efficiency.


Six Years of Service as a Member of the Virginia Beach School Board

First elected in 2012, and re-elected in 2016, Joel has served the citizens of Virginia Beach as a school board member, with a specific focus on state and national legislation impacting public schools and career and technical education.

Citizen Endorsements

Frances Roehm

Joel’s absence on The Virginia Beach School Board has been conspicuous. There is no better advocate than Joel to represent the interests of the students and teachers of the Virginia Beach City Public Schools.

Bill Walters

Joel McDonald has always been an advocate for students, teachers and staff. When making decisions, you can count on Joel to be well informed and to consider all facts first. He has represented Virginia Beach City Public Schools and our city with professionalism and dedication.

Amber Batten

Joel is a great supporter of the students, teachers, bus drivers, and all staff. He keeps all interest at heart.

Bobby Melatti

I served on the board with Joel. He is all about the education of all our children. Glad to see his hat 🎩 in the ring!

Laurice Yarn

Joel has served on the board and in schools. He knows and understands what makes and keeps Virginia Beach Public Schools one of the best systems in the country. We need his leadership and dedication on the board! I’m voting for Joel!!

Joe Burnsworth

Joel has always been fair and honest in his approach and looked out for what is best for children. We don’t always agree but I can always respect his educated viewpoint.

Trenace Riggs

Joel has the experience, knowledge, and skillset it takes to continue to move our great school system forward. He has always served with integrity and honesty and in the best interest of VBCPS students and employees.

Diana Brown

Joel McDonald can be counted on to keep our best interest at the center of every decision he makes! He is consistent, diligent, and devoted to educators and the VB community.

Josh Hall

Joel has and continues to be a great representative for the students and faculty of the Virginia Beach public schools. His continued dedication and resolve to make VB public schools the best they can be is the reason he has my vote.

Lisa Cusic

He stands strong for the children!